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Ultra Fit Coach is your online personal trainer right at your fingertips. Get nutritional tips and coaching to help you make the gains in the gym, and the losses on the scale that you so deserve. With customized programs that focus on your goals first, I design them so that balance is achieved throughout the body.

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ALERT: This isn’t for everyone!

Proceed with caution!

Are you willing to spend some time and money to change your life for the better? Are you willing to put in the time, failing, grinding and being sore to make your dream a reality? If so then let’s get started straight away.

If not, then there is no door…however there is a back button to click on.  Click away.

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  • Uprising
    $29 mo
    • Kick starter & Entry-Level Program
    • Two-day workout plan
    • Assessment
    • System Check
    • Barebones Nutrition
    • Online Support
    • Online Accountability
  • Revolution
    $39 mo
    • Standard & Mid-Level Program
    • Three-day workout plan
    • Assessment
    • System Check
    • Barebones Nutrition
    • Online Support
    • Online Accountability
  • Blitzkrieg
    $49 mo
    • Premiere & Expert-Level Program
    • Three-Five day workout plan
    • Assessment
    • System Check
    • Barebones Nutrition
    • Online Support
    • Online Accountability


for you.

what to expect

  • Easy access to videos for your customized ultra workout program
  • One-on-one ultra nutrition and supplement guidance, coaching and support
  • Use the workouts in your home or at the gym


Check out the plans Ultra Fit Coach offers to help you sculpt your ideal body.


Have a question? Want to know what plan to pick? Reach out to us!

Start Where You Are, Use What You Have, Do What You Can
~Arthur Ashe

  • Nick Koenig
      Nick Koenig Ultra Coach
    • Nick was super helpful with building an aggressive and strategic lifting and cardio plan. He taught me how to work on different parts of the body using different techniques of training. What I liked most was that he designed me a plan, spent time helping me understand it (cautions about form, etc), and then would answer questions and provide periodic encouragement and feedback on nutritional improvement. I learned how to train effectively and I've benefited now for years.

      Bryan Pink
    • I've been friends with Nick for about 10 yrs and trained with him 3 yrs this month. I went from 29% to 16% BF within the first year. His knowledge about fitness, lifting and nutrition is nothing short of amazing. always knowing how to motivate me and how to "modify" when the need arises. Nick pushes me harder than I ever could on my own to reach my goals. I feel healthier and stronger than ever and continue to better myself thanks to Nicks personalized coaching!

      Theresa Moore
    • I trained with Nick for about a year. During that time I experienced a notable improvement in my strength, endurance and flexibility. Nick's unorthodox approach and knowledgeable guidance helped me achieve my goals for better health. I was even able to run my first 1/2 marathon (which he ran with me for moral support).

      Tracy Shearer
    • My workouts with nick are always great. He changes up the routine frequently which keeps it fun and interesting. Great knowledge of fitness and nutrition. All you have to do is take a look at the guy... He clearly knows how to get in shape.

      Dr. Guy Martin
    • A late bloomer, I began ultra-running specifically, in my late forties.  A couple of years of “back of the pack” finishes, long dusty miles and nagging injuries soon sapped some of the pleasure out of my new found sport.  Eighteen months ago I decided to up my game and I contacted the highly regarded ultra-runner and trainer Nick Koenig.  The program he recommended included more strength training and overall health while tapering back on the miles.  The new program was a lot of fun and within 6 months I was finishing 50k, 50 mile and even 100 mile events in the top third of competitors and I even notched an age group win.  I feel better, look better (still ugly) and race faster- thank you Nick!

      Steve Schmidt
    • I trained with Nick for about 3 years from group training to one-on-one.  He always kept my body guessing and pushing its limits.  Nick's out of the box training took my fitness to new levels.  From 128 to 116 lbs., 22% body fat to 13.75%.  His nutrition knowledge helped me reach goals I never thought possible.

      Theresa Richied
    • Nick is an amazing trainer! He pushed me to help me achieve my goals above and beyond what I thought I could do! He's very positive and makes you want to work hard and also has given me great advice/info to help maintain my goals outside of the gym! He's the best!

      April Sutlief

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