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Short-term fasting is good for many different reasons.  Some of which include:

  • Using your stored fat as fuel
  • Detoxification & cleansing on many levels
  • Restarting/resetting your protein synthesis
  • Increased mental clarity and attention
  • Resetting Ghrelin (our hunger hormone)
  • Weight loss

The main reason that I personally enjoy fasting has to be the mental strength and clarity from the cellular cleanse that happens after doing one.  This cleansing is also known as neuronal autophagy.

Brain health is highly dependent on neuronal autophagy.

Fasting for over 16-20hrs induces a process known as neuronal autophagy. Autophagy (self eating) is the process by which cells recycle waste material, down-regulate wasteful processes, and repair themselves.  Brain health is highly dependent on neuronal autophagy.  Autophagy is a normal biological process. During autophagy, organelles called lysosomes break down waste products inside the cells.  What’s an organelle? An organelle is a tiny part of your cell, usually with its own membrane, that serves a specific function (like a cellular organ). Lysosomes break down other worn out organelles, digest food particles, and destroy viruses and bacteria (using hydrolase enzymes).  You could think of them as the stomach of the cell, and/or part of he cellular immune system.

Without autophagy, damaged organelles survive, and cells become less efficient. Autophagy may protect against neuro-degeneration, viral and bacteria infections, and cancer!  Holy moly Rocky Balboa I’m onboard.

Are you still with me…?

It’s as easy as coffee and water.

So how do we fast to induce this neuronal autophagy?  It’s as easy as coffee and water.  That’s it.  Drink black coffee and water for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  This includes all snacking in between as well.  The caffeine will give you a bit of energy, and it will also help with the cleansing of your GI tract.  Coffee has actually been used for thousands of years to cleanse the GI tract through something called a Coffee Enema (that’s another blog post).  But absolutely nothing added to the coffee.  Sometimes a bit of dizziness being felt is common but not to worry.  Its absolutely 100% safe!  Humans have been doing this for thousands of years, and will continue to do so as long as we are alive and thriving.

So, WHY should I try a Fast?

Try fasting because it is basically free and you will feel the difference in no time!  A 24hr is generally my recommendation for fasting-virgins.  So, you are obviously going to get a tiny bit cranky at first.  You will also probably have 100 food and drink temptations as well.  But they will all come to pass if you just hang in there.  You can’t die or anything!  You actually get healthier from fasting (during the fast), because of the garbage food that most of us consume on a day-to-day basis is being cut out completely.  You build strength as you go.  Get strong and feel the power within you to have total control over your brain and body.

What if it’s too difficult?

Remember that it’s okay if (and when) you fail, or fall short of your timed goal (whether it be a 24, 48 or 96hr fast).  Nothing was lost (except some fat and waste), and you can always try again the next day, week or month.

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