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The Truth About Fat

Fat is an extremely useful nutrient and we cannot survive without it.  Fat has many functions including insulation and energy storage, absorbing, transporting and storing of nutrients (like Vitamin A, E D, K), and it is used as fuel and makes up a large part of our brains.

Our brains are the fattiest organs in the body.  When someone calls you a ‘fat head’…it’s actually true!  The biggest benefit to consuming low amounts of carbs and high amounts of fat has to be the increase in overall brain health.  Our brain is composed of about 60% fat, and the rest is cholesterol.  Since 1958 the USDA, American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association and the American Medical Association backed a high carb/low fat/cholesterol diet to achieve a healthy heart and body.  This was because Ancel Keys made a pseudoscience claim that cardiovascular disease had something to do with fat and/or cholesterol.  Unfortunately, this information was (and is) completely incorrect.  There is absolutely zero data that show a low cholesterol number having anything to do with anything healthy.  

Ketogenic Nutrition 101

Using fat as fuel (with a major cutting-out of carbs) is known as ketogenic nutrition.  Ketosis (or lipolysis) is a normal metabolic process.  When in ketosis, the body is burning fat because it does not have enough glucose for energy.   The fat is used as fuel can come from having just eaten it or from one of our many storage-sites in the body.  For us to burn a lot of fat we need to keep the glucose (carb) levels low.  How low might you ask?  The answer is less than 20 grams of carbohydrates per day.  The body takes about two days to get into a pure fat-burning mode (ketosis).  One way to get into ketosis and start burning fat a lot quicker is by doing a coffee and water-only fast.  This begins the fat-burning process a lot faster as inflammation from carb-induced insulin begins to drop more sharply as well.  My company, Ultra Fit Coach, has group fasting events, answers questions, and builds a community of fasters multiple times a year.

Preventing an Energy Rollercoaster

When I tried to use fat as fuel for the first time, I hit the proverbial ‘wall” and soon ran out of gas.  I felt like the backup generator had kicked in.  My internal headlights were dimming and it felt like the power was surging and lagging.  One would likely think they are either starving, or they’re in need of an immediate nap.  The reason for this is because we are used to carbs and sugar as fuel for energy.  Soon I realized that I was not supposed to be yearning to take a nap every afternoon.  My energy level is constant and very broad.  I don’t have the highest of highs, but then I don’t go anywhere near the lows either.   When we fuel ourselves with carbs and sugar, it’s a constant energy-rollercoaster.  Energized at first and then the inevitable crash that comes with 99% of carbs.  It takes some getting used to without a doubt.  Soon you are reaping the fat-burning benefits to no end.  Fat literally melts off of you faster than you can keep track of it.  

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