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Ladies, have you ever experienced the following symptoms?

  • Mood swings
  • Loss of memory
  • Sleeplessness
  • Sexual problems
  • Anxiety
  • Boredom
  • Depression
  • Weakness
  • Unhappiness
  • Muscle loss
  • Migraine headaches

If you are a female you have probably experienced more than one of these symptoms at any given time. This could be due to a hormonal imbalance. Many women may never know what hormonal homeostasis would even feel like?! This doesn’t have to be the norm and I want to talk about it. Why do women’s sex hormones seem so wildly rampant? Does your PMS (Potential Murder Suspect) have your family and friends running for the hills? Menopause is hitting earlier and earlier these days and inevitably seems to drop your hormones more than 80% as you ease into it. Are women stuck to the likes of this hormonal ‘dead-ending’? Women of The World…you surely do not have to sacrifice your physical, emotional and/or sexual health. The truth that your hormones will continue to dive down into old age is nothing short of a myth, a bold faced lie and a fictional fantasy.

The distempered feelings you have related to your age and reproductive-cycle are down right unnecessary, and it most definitely has nothing to do with karma or bad luck!

Hormonal imbalance is rampant among women and is largely due to bad habits of an unhealthy diet. Let’s take a look at several key ingredients that play a key role in pumping your hormones into disproportionate levels.

  • Drinking alcohol and smoking (seem rather obvious since they are poisonous and full of carcinogens).
  • Having a diet riddled with fast and fake foods (McDonald’s and Funions)
  • GMO’s (corn on the cob, soybeans, Aspartame)
  • High sugar and refined carbohydrates (soda, juice, fruit, yogurt)
  • Many dairy products are full of garbage like lactose (dairy sugar), various steroid and growth hormones. Great dairy is high in fat and grass fed. Like butter. Eat a lot of butter! Kerrygold’s particularly.
  • Gluten is actually my number one toxic food that people consume. Cut this out of your life for 30 days, and you will feel fantastic. I tell people that…‘Cut it out of your diet and you can expect to fly’.

The amount of toxins that are in self-care products today is outrageous and terrible. While women continue to use them each and every day is beyond me. I blame it on lack of education. I should write a blog about the specific ingredients like paraben, fragrance, Phthalate, formaldehyde and propylene glycol. Books have been written on the subject. These toxins are in everything from your makeup, hair spray, shampoo, conditioner, and deodorant. Remember that if you put something on your body, you might as well be eating it because it’s being absorbed right into your blood stream through your skin.

The birth control pill has been liberating women since the day it came out. They came into existence in 1960, were then legalized (for married couples only) in 1965. The Supreme Court legalized birth control for all citizens of this country, irrespective of marital status in 1972. The Pill’s liberation is historic gold for women and mankind alike. There are an estimated 160 million women (and 12 men) on birth control pill. With this particular liberation comes the imprisonment of hormone imbalance and many serious life-threatening side effects. Taking synthetic forms of progesterone and/or estrogen (or any hormone for that matter) is necessary and needed among many women. But when your body realizes it has an outside source of any particular hormone it stops itself from making any of its own. This is absolutely necessary in many cases when you cannot make sufficient hormones naturally. However, there are ways that women produce and release their hormones naturally (deeply ingrained in their genes), such as nurturing and caring for their children and/or loved ones and/or sharing emotions with their significant others. After synthetic hormone is taken women will often times not need to do that corresponding action (i.e. nurture, share, care). This is because they already get the resulting feeling, and the action is not needed to get the estrogen or progesterone any longer. So this, in turn, can leave women feeling bored while mothering children, or careless to share what is happening in life with their husband. This can become confusing and causes all sorts of relationship and emotional problems as a result.

There is a long list of health problems that the pill has induced upon the women taking them. Many are permanent while you stay on the pill, while many are not. Side-effects range from depression and anxiety to weight gain, migraines, cervical and breast cancers, and even stroke! Liberation may come with a price, but the freedom to feel great doesn’t have to be paid in return! Natural and more organic forms of birth control are available. Hormonal imbalance and the pill’s synthetic hormone-induced roller coaster of side effects can be affected greatly by changing the type in which she used. Some of these types are male OR female condoms, the Copper IUD, sterilization, diaphragms, creams, jellies or sponges are also available (just to name a few).

Not exercising at all, enough, incorrectly or with low intensity is an almost sure sign that your hormones are going to be off-kilter. Some women workout a day (or two) a week and see few results. While others attend 7 days a week and get even poorer results!! They attend a class at their gym (or work out on their own) but ‘fake their way through it’. Low workout intensity and/or duration are on one side of the coin, while a terrible diet is on the other. Any and every combination of the examples I have listed above will leave you feeling less than fantastic. Start working out with a new awareness, make an oath to yourself, and take initiative to head towards hormonal homeostasis.

  • First off, get a well-balanced weight program from a competent trainer. You need to make sure that you don’t produce muscle in an imbalanced fashion. Otherwise, you will end up with knee, back and shoulder injuries.
  • Secondly, if you have time to do cardio and lifting on different days (or different times of the day) this is essential. If you need to workout 3 days a week and only have an hour each day to do so, then I say you need to do weights before cardio (20-30mins of each). I cannot lift properly and keep intensity high if I am fatigued.
  • Thirdly, Go Heavy or Go Home!!! Up the weight and lower the reps! Baby weights will do nothing for your brain, and little for your body unless you are an early stage beginner, or in rehabilitation from an injury or disease of some sort.
  • Finally, focus on your workout and give it all you’ve got! Each and every rep of each and every set!

Another hormone that seems to bring us all down is Cortisol. Cortisol is a naturally occurring hormone that we all need to survive. It’s the ‘fight or flight’ hormone and it is crucial to our personal survival. However, too much of this hormone is a terribly dangerous thing and when it becomes a long-term state of mind it can spell health-failure. A Cortisol-induced lifestyle is what many women are dealing with today. Stress increases production of cortisol and it is made in the adrenal glands. How many times have you heard about adrenal fatigue and adrenal failure in the last year? This is what they’re talking about. Cortisol is basically made from progesterone (in women). Progesterone is vital to your immune system, bone strength, nervous system and heart function. If you can deal with the stressors of life with a positive state-of-mind, the less cortisol you produce. If something or someone is stressing you out, then you should consider removing it (or the person) for the greater-good of your overall health. Do-so and the result is lower cortisol with consistent and higher progesterone levels that will be useful to maintain your heart, bones, immune and nervous system. The bottom line is that stress is everywhere and we are constantly looking for more ways to vent our frustration in more positive and constructive ways. There are many ways to find solace and relaxation to cut stress down. Exercise is extremely stress-reducing. Meditation is a sure-fire way to battle high cortisol levels. I have just recently started meditating using a free app called ‘Headspace’ and I wish I had tried meditation years ago. Yoga can be a fantastic calming activity. For some, it is fishing or reading a book. Others find stress relief in their significant others embrace or company. To each his own but you get the picture.

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